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Featuring: Vineet Bangera & Hensila Kava


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Featuring: Vineet Bangera & Piyu Palkar

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Learn to social dance with internationally acclaimed instructor Vineet Bangera

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"Dance is a language. It's not about the steps or the counts. It’s about the music. It’s about using your body to interpret the rhythm of music. Dance is our language and we want to make it yours too."

- Dance Central 

Welcome to Dance Central! We will empower you with everything you need. This is where you learn to communicate in this universal language. The Company is a holistic Centre which provides quality training, high-end dance apparel as well as strong career options. 

Change the way you listen.. Change the way you talk. Open your mind to new perspectives on Urban, Latin Dance and Western Dance forms. At Dance Central we will Re-tune your ears to music... teach you to communicate again... We will make you Re-think dance!

Initially founded as The Dance Factory, now rebranded to Dance Central, continues with a vision to create an institute that nurtures quality artists whose talent and skill is their own certificate in dance. "If you have the passion we will show you the way." At Dance Central there are separate faculties for each dance form ensuring all instructors are masters of their respective genres. All instructors are thorough professionals in their areas of Dance and ensure not just quality training but also a holistic experience. 

The Company has made its foray into the world of dance with Salsa, Bachata Dance forms and is in the process of setting up its Urban and Western dance form faculties. Using a very concise and structured teaching method, the students will have the opportunity to acquire a solid foundation in different dance genres, develop their skills, techniques, rhythm, timing, creativity, style, personality and confidence making them a complete artist whilst still having fun! 

There are classes to suit everyone from Beginners to Advanced Classes. More than just dance lessons, the classes offer students a great way to stay in shape, look great on the dance floor, improve their co-ordination, and meet new people! For some who want to take this even further, At Dance Central we offer career options as well.

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